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Episode #1: Phobic Girl Goes Shopping
Phobic Girl goes shopping for her superhero outfit and is shocked by what she finds. [Shop Display] All Things Spandex [Phobic Girl] Nothing but spandex boostiers and rubber unitards.  What ever happened to cotton, the fabric of our lives?  One would need a super power to squeeze one's thighs into that rubber suit!
[Saleswoman] Can I show you something in the latest kevlar with a built-in miracle bra? [Phobic Girl] Well, I was looking for something cotton. [Saleswoman] Oh honey, no one wears cotton anymore.  And have you ever seen a female superhero without cleavage? [Phobic Girl] I think I'll just browse, thank you.

[Saleswoman] You really should consider a nice spandex boostier.  It always seemed to work for Wonder Woman! [Phobic Girl] Who says you have to look like a sex kitten to help people and occasionally save the world?  Can't you look good and be comfortable?
[Discount Palace] Cotton.  Fitting Room. [Phobic Girl] Finally, a superhero suit for Phobic Girl.  Stay tuned? the next installment? The Utility Belt.

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