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Episode #10: Sewing Madness
Sewing Madness.  Introducing - Greenie Meanie.  [Veronica] Can't stop!  Must sew! Having always wanted to learn ... Veronica takes up sewing.
Veronica enjoys her new hobby until... [Veronica]  I can make all sorts of Phobic Girl costumes! Greenie Meanie cast his evil spell!  [Greenie Meanie] So, you like to sew!  Then sew is what you shall do!  [Veronica] This is going to be fun!

Soon, Greenie Meanie has turned an innocent hobby into a marathon of madness!  [Greenie Meanie] No eating!  No sleeping!  No peeing!  Just... Sew! Sew! Sew! Sew! Sew! Sew! Sew!  [Veronica] Can't stop!
Fed up, Veronica gets mad!  [Veronica] No!  You aren't going to ruin this for me!  Get out! Greenie Meanie goes but vows revenge.  [Greenie Meanie] This isn't over Phobic Girl!  [Veronica] Ah!  Sewing in moderation.

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