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Episode #11: War of the Tonsils
War of the Tonsils. [Veronica] Is it warm in here?  Or is it just me?
[Veronica] Please, don't let me be sick!  What if I throw up? Veronica under attack by What If Monster and wrestling tonsils.

[Veronica]  Paralyzed with fear of moving, of feeling out of control, afraid to go outside, what if I should go to the doctor, what if I die, what if I can't breathe, throat closing, tonsils swelling until I can't eat or drink or breathe or swallow, what [Tonsil peace talks, right tonsil] I'll make less pus if salt water is gargled. [Left tonsil] I'll reduce swelling if two grapefruit vitamin C lozenges are sucked.
[Veronica] Ah, feeling better... BUT... [Veronica] What if it comes back?  No! Must go on despite the fear.  I'll be okay. [The End]

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