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Episode #12: Fear Club
Fear Club [Phobic Girl, in front of the Phobic Lounge] Go ahead, SCARE me as hard as you can.  [Veronica] WHAT?
[Phobic Girl, in the Phobic Lounge] The first rule of Fear Club: Talk about fear club.  The second rule of Fear Club: Talk about fear club.  The third rule of Fear Club: Is never feel ashamed to feel scared.  The final rule of Fear Club: If you are new, y [Veronica] So there we were, a regular bunch of phobic people, scaring each other, celebrating the fear, and coming out freer when it was all over.  We were good at it.  By day we waited tables and clerked at stores.  We were taxi drivers and stockbrokers

[Veronica]  Everyday life seemed strange and constrictive.  People would be angry with me for using the Phobic Disclaimer, but inside I would smile because I knew something they didn't.  I knew fear, and that made everything else seem that much brighter. [Phobic Girl] We MUST render seratonin.
Fear clubs formed everywhere! To know fear well is to be LESS afraid of fear.

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