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Episode #13: P2G Compliant?
P2G Compliant?  [Phobic Girl] Anxi, here we go!  10, 9, 8, ... [Phobic Girl] ...1  Happy New Year!  Oh no, Anxi!  Something is wrong with the control panel!
[Phobic Girl] Where am I?  [Anxi] I told her to upgrade!  Now to get this stupid hat off. [Phobic Girl] What are you doing?

[Police Officer] In 1900, we insist a girlie be properly clothed. [Phobic Girl] You don't understand.  I'm phobic.  I belong in the year 2000.
[Psychiatrist] Tell me about your mother. [Psychiatrist] She's obviously suffering from hysteria... Now sir, tell me about your mother.

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