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Episode #16: Even a Superhero Has to Say NO!
[Phobic Girl Episode 16 ? 2000 Jamo] Even a superhero has to say no! [Phobic Girl] Another call, Anxi, I have to go...
[Phobic Girl] Not more calls, Anxi, I?ll be back... [Phobic Girl] I can?t keep this up, but how can I refuse people in need!?

[Anxi] You just have to say NO sometimes. [Anxi] I say NO to people all of the time by being aloof or standing just out of reach of an outstretched hand... but...
[Anxi] ...they still love me. Sometimes I need my own space and time. Besides, I like jerking people around. [Phobic Girl] Okay, I?ll help others, but I will also take care of myself. {Phobic Girl on the telephone] Sorry, I can?t come until tomorrow. I have to rest.

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