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Episode #17: Hair
[Phobic Girl Episode 17 (c) 2000 Jamo] Hair. Cleophobe. Phobic Feathers! Oi! Ladies don?t get phobic! We be phobic, mon! Phobic rider! [Phobic Girl] Oh Anxi, I could just cut my own hair?!
[Anxi] Remember how well that worked out last time?! [Phobic Girl] It wasn?t that bad! [Anxi] Oh, right... You had to wear hats for 6 months!

[Anxi on the Phobic Ware home shopping network] Phobic Girl hats are comfortable and stylish. These durable hand-crafted hats go anywhere. No one with fear should be without one. Order now and receive a free key chain!. [Phobic Girl] I always feel so trapped when they put that apron tight around my neck. [Woman] Phobic Girl? [Phobic Girl] Gasp!! [Anxi] Is this for color treated fur?
[Phobic Girl] Feeling trapped!] [Phobic Girl] Well Anxi, it was difficult, but I did it.

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