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Episode #19: Life Affirming Panic Attack
The Life Affirming Panic Attack [Phobic Girl] Sometimes life will go along so well... The anxiety will seem to have disappeared.
[Phobic Girl driving] Driving seems effortless. [Phobic Girl shopping] You find yourself inviting others to go ahead of you in the line at the supermarket.

[Phobic Girl flying!?!?] You find yourself doing things you would have never before considered. [Phobic Girl] But then ?anxiety ghouls? and ?what if? monsters come trick-or-treating.
[Phobic Girl] Next thing you know... You have to pull over on that mountain road... You race to get to the checkout first... You scream that you want DOWN! [Phobic Girl] Just remember that the ghouls and monsters will be gone November 1st! So hang in, the anxiety will pass! P.S. Don?t eat too much candy. Sugar & chocolate aren?t friends of anxious bodies.

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