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Episode #2: The Utility Belt
The Utility Belt (and Cape) [Hera] It is time, my little Phobic Girl, to become truly phobic.
[Hera] Take these phobic supplies. [Phobic Girl] The water bottle, with sports top.  Good for? squirting enemy in the eye.  [Enemy] Ah, my eye!  [Phobic Girl] ?or quenching constant phobic cotton-mouth.

[Phobic Girl] The paper bag.  Good for? suffocating enemy? or stopping own hyperventilation. [Phobic Girl] The cape, made from a 2-ply garbage bag.  Good for? vomiting into from nerves ? or confusing enemy into doing yard work.  You missed a spot.
[Hera] Go forth into this world and tell phobic people everywhere that they are not alone and that they need not be ashamed. [Phobic Girl] Thank you Hera, my spirit guide, I will proudly wear these phobic supplies and be a voice where there is silence and strength where there is fear.

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