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Episode #25: First Bell
[Phobic Girl Episode 25 (c) 2001 Jamo] First Bell [Phobic Girl] I found the perfect class to enroll in? A way to meet people with the same interests? and you?re going to help me, Anxi.
[Phobic Girl] We?re going to enroll in  ?How to Train Your Cat.? [Anxi] I don?t think so! [Phobic Girl] Come on, Anxi, we have to get to the junior college and enroll.

[Phobic Girl and Anxi in front of the admissions building being demolished] [Phobic Girl at another office] Um, I?m trying to enroll in ?How to Train Your Cat.? [Office clerk] You need to go to building D.
[Building D Sign] Open on alternate Thursdays from 7:45am to 8:00am. All other hours go to admissions building. [Phobic Girl] *#!!@& [Cat Lover] Are you enrolling in the cat training class, too? Yeah, admissions can?t get it together. [Anxi] Hello, purrfect.

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