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Episode #3: Attack of the What-Ifs
Attack of the What Ifs, Just when you thought it was safe to relax? [Girl] What a beautiful day!  I feel great!  [Bird in tree] Chirp.
[Girl] But, what if this feeling is a joke?  What if I pass out or vomit? [Girl]  What if I have cancer?  What if my boss fires me?  What if my boyfriend leaves me?  What if they are right about that asteroid?

[Girl] Help!  Phobic Girl! [Phobic Girl] Anxi, take over.  Someone has sounded the What If alarm.  I must hurry!
[Phobic Girl] Quick, counter them with realistic thoughts!  [Girl] I don't have cancer.  I just went to the doctor and got a clean bill of health?  I won't get fired.  I'm a hard-working employee? [Girl] Thanks, Phobic Girl!  I feel good again!

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