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Episode #4: Supermarket of Terror, Part 1
Supermarket of terror.  [Evil Checkout Clerk] Paper or plastic!? [Empty shelf and empty refrigerator]
[Veronica] No food!  Have to go to the market!  But my PANIC ATTACKS are SO SCARY!  But without food I could STARVE! [Veronica]  Oh, God!  What if the PANIC is SO bad that I can't get food and STARVE and DIE and no one notices until my CORPSE smells?  [Anxi] THAT'S positive thinking.

[Veronica, pacing]  Okay, I CAN do this?  No, I CAN'T?  Yes, I CAN [Veronica reluctantly leaves her house.]
[Veronica] BREATH!  Don't forget to BREATH! [Veronica at supermarket entrance]  Will Veronica be able to step through the automatic doors?  Find out next time?

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