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Episode #5: Supermarket of Terror, Part 2
Last time on Phobic Girl.  [Veronica] Oh, God!  What if the panic is so bad that I can't get food and starve and die and no one notices until my corpse smells.  [Anxi] That's positive thinking.  Will Veronica be able to step through the automatic doors? [Veronica] Too loud!  Too bright!  Too much!
[Veronica] I'm a failure, Anxi!  I'm worthless!  I can't even get myself food!  [Anxi] I better still have food. [Hera] My precious Phobic Girl, you can change your thinking.

[Hera] Don't look at what you didn't do.  Look at what you did do.  You made it to the store!  That's victory!  What's important is that you keep trying. [Hera] You never need to feel ashamed to be phobic.  [Veronica] Okay, Hera, I'll try again.
[Veronica] I don't need to be ashamed.  I'll do my best and won't worry about the rest.  [Anxi] Sounds like a motto in the making. A few tries later.  [Veronica] I did it!

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