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Episode #6: You Can't Outrun Anxiety
You can?t outrun anxiety.  [Veronica] But you can sure try! After a period of feeling good, Veronica experiences a renewed flicker of fear from what seems out of the blue.  [Veronica, eating dinner] Oh God, my throat is closing.  I can?t breathe.  I can?t stand to go through this again.
[Veronica, doing dishes] A little choking is no big deal.  If I just ignore it, it will go away. [Veronica, getting into bed] More choking.  Some shortness of breath now.  This is scary, but I?ll keep pretending I?m fine.  Then the fear will lose its power.

[Veronica, stuck in traffic]  I?m feeling trapped!  Got to get out of here!  If I just start moving I would be okay! [Veronica, pacing]  Maybe if I pace faster... And faster... Why is this happening?
[Veronica]  Maybe I?m stressed.  Maybe something triggered a memory.  Maybe it doesn?t matter why.  Maybe by acknowledging the anxiety it will leave. After a period of feeling anxious, Veronica?s fear subsides.  By accepting and riding out the fear, its powers fizzles.  [Veronica] I guess ignorance isn?t always bliss.

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