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Episode #7: You Can't Pullover the Space Needle
You Can?t Pullover the Space Needle! [Veronica, on train] Gulp!  Trapped! Would it be wrong to pull the emergency brake?
[Veronica, on airplane] Yipes! Would it be wrong to open the emergency exit? [Veronica, near elevator] Noway! Too confining!  It?s only 27 flights up...

[Veronica] Uh-oh!  Getting queasy!  I can feel the Earth?s rotation! [Veronica, kissing boyfriend] Not now! Panic attack!  Do you think he would notice if I ran from the room and paced?
[Veronica, at work] Can?t breathe! Can?t stay here another five hours! Do you think I?ll get fired if I run out? [Veronica] Sometimes I wish you could pullover life.

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