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Episode #8: Window or Aisle Seat?
Window or Aisle Seat?  with special guest star: Travel Woman [Phobic Girl, on telephone] Help!  There?s an anxiety emergency and I need to get half way round the globe.
[Travel Woman] Forgive me Phobic Girl, but why don?t you just fly there yourself. [Phobic Girl] Um... Well... Ah... The thing is... I?m too anxious to fly myself...

[Travel Woman] Okay, Phobic Girl, I?ll make all the arrangements and call you with the details. [Phobic Girl, at airport, gate 13] I can do this! Someone needs help!  Must overcome anxiety!
[Phobic Girl] Be stronger than the fear.  You are doing great.  Remember to breathe.  Think of comforting things... Anxi sleeping on my lap... Cool strawberries in summer, stepping off this plane when we land... [Anxious person] Phobic Girl!  You made it!

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